Our team hopes to be able to provide unique value to freight seekers. Enter Atlas Now, the England Logistics load board.

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As freight slowdowns only compound issues for America’s backbone, new tools are emerging for hard-pressed drivers to rise above the market.

As carriers continue to seek shrinking freight in a competitive market, our team hopes to be able to provide unique value to freight seekers, and to those looking to loosen up their budget.

Enter Atlas Now, the England Logistics load board. 

Where traditional load boards only provide load listings, Atlas Now is proving to help truckers in four unique ways.


1. Find freight easier.

Atlas Now is a highly customizable load board that allows users to filter listings by their preferred pick-up location, preferred drop-off point, load type, weight, and more.

But that’s not the best part.

In an effort to help you maximize your routes, Atlas Now includes a ‘Reloads’ function to help you find freight on your way back home. Typically, the coordination of finding two loads compatible in time and location can be incredibly difficult, but with Atlas Now, it’s only a button’s push away.

For clients of England Carrier Services, a Book It Now® function allows carriers to expedite the quoting process and reach the top of the booking queue.

This means more freight, faster, and easier.


2. Save on fuel and tires wherever you go.

As fuel prices remain a hurdle for carriers, Atlas Now provides the visibility of retail prices at England Carrier Services fuel network stops for easy comparison.

For clients of England Carrier Services, fuel card holders can see their unique fuel discounts next to the retail price to maximize their savings along a route.

For all your tire needs, a database of tires also exists within Atlas Now. To aid you in finding the best prices possible on tires, including huge discounts for clients of England Carrier Services, a tire expert will be happy to correspond and find solutions for your fleet.


3. Coordinate maintenance.

No matter the issue, Atlas Now has a maintenance form to coordinate repairs along your journey. By inputting your requested repair and preferred location, you can receive urgent correspondence from one of our experts to set you up with the best resources along your route.


4. Get paid faster through factoring.

As a one-stop shop, Atlas Now also offers a factoring form to facilitate cash-flow solutions for carriers.

Factoring is a wonderful solution for carriers being held up by prolonged payments. With England Carrier Solutions factoring program, you can receive the cash you need to maintain expenses and take on new loads.

If you’d like a demo of Atlas Now, please see the video below for a quick walkthrough.


Atlas Now, the England Logistics load board, is helping carriers find freight and trim expenses. We sincerely hope this resource will be a valuable tool to the carriers keeping our nation moving.


Try Atlas Now here.