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The cost of replacing tires on a tractor-trailer can be expensive. If your company budget doesn’t allow for spending thousands of dollars on new tires, retreads are a great option. More than ever retreads are widely available as a cost-effective solution for carriers wanting to get great tires for their fleet on a budget. However, it’s likely you have heard many of the myths surrounding retreads, but not the tangible benefits. So, why should you consider retreads?

Retreads Save Money

Retreads have advanced significantly in recent years. Top manufacturers, such as Bridgestone and Yokohama, are now producing retread tires that match their new tires in treadwear and fuel efficiency. These tire options are often provided at a savings of 30-50%. That kind of markdown makes them a great option for any carrier looking for top-tier tires.

Retreads Are Good for the Environment

In addition to the cost savings, purchasing retreads is good for the environment. The EPA reported that retreads contain 75% post-consumer materials, take 30% less energy to produce, and only 7 gallons of oil to produce versus 22 for a new tire.

Retreads Can Be Trusted 

Finally, retreads are safe. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found no evidence of an increase of failure in retreads as compared to new tires. The rubber you see on the road comes from both retreads and new tires. If your tires are properly maintained, whether new or retreaded, they won’t cause an accident. In fact, less than 1% of truck accidents are the result of tire failure.

Whether you choose new tires or retreads, proper maintenance is the key to long tire life and safety on the road. England Carrier Services is here to help you answer any questions you may have on retreading or replacement options. Call us at 1-800-848-7810 or contact us by though