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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and it’s never too early to start preparing your customers for the busy season. As a 3PL, you can solidify future business by serving as a valuable ally during the most wonderful, yet hectic, time of the year. Here are five tips and tricks to help you guide your customers through their holiday shipping season.


1.     Learn from the previous year.

Look back at the last holiday season. What pain points did your customers experience? When did they start prepping? Determine what adjustments are needed, then recommend a new plan of action. By better understanding what the customer struggled with in the past, you can provide a customized, streamlined shipping solution.


2. Communicate deadlines.

FedEx and other carriers will publish cutoff dates for all services on their websites. Be sure to download these deadlines to stay informed. Also be sure to let your customers know when to send their products out to have them delivered in time. Last minute fire drills can be avoided by referencing these deadlines throughout the season.


3. Offer a smoother holiday shipping season.

Most people are so busy during the holiday season that they aren’t looking to adjust their shipping strategy. Yet, you can approach them just before the season to discuss last year’s issues or the fees their current carrier will add on during the holidays.


It’s a great time to remind them of the benefits of working with a 3PL team and make sure they have a better holiday season.


4. Think international.

Understand international shipping requirements to help your customers avoid pain points and delays. Each country has its own standards for which goods are subject to duty. Ensure that your customers’ products can safely arrive at their destination, wherever that may be.


5. Package properly.

Communicate best practices for packaging shipments properly. Tips such as packing each box tightly and using packing inserts to separate items will protect against damage during shipping and overall frustration.




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