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You live in your truck. From the oval office to your bed, you rig is your palace, and your cab is your crib. You might as well love it!

We’ve got some of the most unique, useful, and cheapest cab upgrades (all under $50!) in the list below.


1. Dashboard Fan

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of having your A/C cut mid-haul during the summer, you’ve felt your cab become an oven. Prevent a heated situation with this dash-attachable fan that runs for only $20!


2. Dashboard Gear Rack

If you’re cab’s already a little cramped with all your devices, use this rack to tether your phone, GPS, and more for space-saving convenience. Snag this for $19 on Amazon!


3. Laptop Desk That Mounts on Your Steering Wheel

If you’re an owner-operator, finding the time to sit down at a desk and hammer away at paperwork can be difficult. With this laptop desk, you can pop it on your steering wheel for easy laptop use during your breaks!

The desk could also be used for food, card games, or whatever, all for $10!


4. Turn Your Cab into a Kitchen!

If you know where to look, you can find most kitchen appliances for your cab for a steal. Snag a toaster ($40), a coffee maker ($33), frying pans ($38), saucepans ($38), roaster ($44), and a slow cooker ($30) for all under $50.


5. Anker PowerCore 20 Charging Unit

Outlet-less chargers are invaluable tools that can come in handy in a pinch, but can also cost enough to put you in one. The Anker PowerCore 20 provides enough charges for 7 fill-ups for an iPhone, and the unit only needs to be charged 2 hours. You can grab one for just $50.

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