3 Sales Tips Successful Salesperson Sales Teams

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Offering a sale doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. Although sales teams often get a bad reputation, it’s usually because they are skipping a valuable step. Follow these three tips to make a quality sale and build a lasting business relationship.


  1. Show your customers that you genuinely care. People matter more than sales, money or potential success. The more you care about others, the more likely you are to discover and ultimately solve their problems. Your sales will increase as you truly connect with your customers rather than treat them as a transaction. The process can be difficult, but it is ultimately more rewarding to build relationships with people you like. You will come to like them as you discover their needs.


  1. Discover needs by probing, listening and completely understanding. “She could sell ice to an Eskimo.” This is a common phrase used when describing a successful salesperson. However, really good salespeople don’t sell to people who won’t benefit. Eskimos don’t need ice, so why would you sell it to them? Excellent salespersons discover needs by probing, listening and completely understanding. They then propose a solution, but only if they have a solution for a real problem. Active listening means you learn about their business, about their problems and you clarify often. Your ears are your most valuable tool.


  1. Follow up regularly. Don’t hound or pester, but show you care by following up more often than you think is needed. Many sales teams don’t have a follow-up system for advancing a lead. They pester or neglect potential customers, but don’t nurture them and advance the conversation through effective follow-ups. Make sure you reach out to customers to offer effective advice or to learn more about their business. Your customer is busy and will value someone who is lightening their load and respecting their time.




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