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In every industry, in almost every company, and wherever a transaction can be discovered, there are sales.

Careers in sales can be thrilling, autonomous, and fulfilling. There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular jobs on the planet: in sales, anyone can find success!

Of course, the success of a salesperson is primarily the responsibility of the salesperson; however, success is cultivated more easily in the ideal environment. In terms of the perfect setting, the transportation industry is the best industry for sales.

Here’s why.


1. The transportation industry isn’t going anywhere.

The need for freight will always be in demand–and it likely always will be. Because people need products, simple as that, there will always be a demand for carriers, brokers and the selling of services and products related to their roles.

Aside from the intuitive, there is also ample numerical evidence to show that transportation is here to stay. If you’re looking for security, the transportation industry isn’t going anywhere.


2. You can make a giant impact for good on your customers’ lives.

Though this might seem a bit melodramatic, it’s true!

Industry-wide, 1 in 10 carriers are independent business owners. By selling for transportation, you’re bolstering the small businesses of America.

For example, by becoming a freight broker, you are enabling a small business to expand its potential reach. Or, by selling carrier services like fuel cards, you’re allowing a developing business to trim expenses.

If you have a strong drive to help others and love to sell, then transportation may just be the perfect fit for you.


3. Transportation is incredibly diverse.

Because the global supply chain is so interconnected, companies must hire people from all walks of life, languages, and cultures to keep up. The result is a melting pot of salespersons united in purpose.

Aside from creating a fun and forward-thinking environment, diversity has been proven to increase creativity, create more opportunities for growth, and aid in good decision-making.

Because of how transportation is positioned, these benefits are inevitable for a salesperson in transportation.


If you’re looking to do good, create a sustainable career and have the best chance of success in sales, the transportation industry is the best industry for sales.

And the best news is, we’re hiring!


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