Fuel at Large Truck Stops

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Trucking companies have always been concerned about fuel quality and how to get the best performance for their vehicles. After all, trucks and fuel are two of the largest expenses in running a trucking company. One question that trucking companies ask is, are major truck stops better for fueling trucks? The answer is yes, and here are 3 reasons why:

Fuel Quality

Generally speaking, the oil used to produce fuel comes from the same place. Yes, it comes from different parts of the world, but it’s all drilled from underground. The fuel is then shipped to the refineries to process, which is when the quality could change depending on what happens next. Major truck stops take extra steps to ensure the quality of their fuel. One example is how they monitor winterization, because if done incorrectly, fuel can thicken. This can cause stress on truck batteries and can eventually shut down the engine. Fueling at large stops gives you the peace of mind that your fuel is being monitored correctly.

Fuel Savings

Major truck stops provide fuel savings through card or rewards programs, saving companies up to 10%. Depending on the fleet size, this can be a substantial savings. When these reward programs are used, owners can utilize reporting to download driver or usage reports. They can also access historical information, saving precious time on top of dollars.

Driver Amenities

One final reason why it’s beneficial for truck drivers to fuel at larger truck stops is that large stops offer numerous amenities to their customers. Restaurants, chiropractic care, lounges and gyms are only a few of the services these large truck stops offer to drivers. When your team fuels at large truck stops, they can take advantages of these amenities in one place, allowing them to relax and enjoy their time off the road.

Your biggest priorities in your trucking business are keeping your employees happy and saving money for your company. Fueling at large truck stops enables you to do both of those things. When you do, your trucks are filled with quality fuel, your employees get to take advantage of helpful amenities, and you save on expenses.




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