There are certain unalienable benefits that every rep should have. Here are the top three must-haves for company benefits in sales positions.

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In the ocean of sales roles that make up our economy, there are certain unalienable benefits that every rep should be entitled to in the pursuit of success.

Though the scope and presentation of these benefits will vary from company to company, it is the fact of having them that demonstrates a company’s enthusiasm for its salesforce. Without them, sales reps are handicapped in their ability to succeed.

Here are the biggest must-haves for company benefits in sales positions:


1. Uncapped Commissions

One of the primary appeals of a career in sales is the potential for limitless earnings. If your commissions are capped, then the very spirit of sales is defeated.

In fact, calls capped commissions “the single worst way to stunt your company’s growth.”

When choosing a company to sell for, uncapped commissions shouldn’t be a luxury. They should be a necessity. Always ensure that this ‘inalienable’ benefit is included in your sales program.


2. Work-life Balance

An appropriate work-life balance will not only allow for greater investment in home life but can also provide greater enthusiasm and focus at work.

Work-life balance is more than just having additional time for home, though the time for a home is significant.

Balance is achieved through the cultural perspective of the company. It is the belief that a career is a means to a better home life, not an end. If this vision is obtained, appropriate vacation will be given, exceptions for the sake of family will be made, and home will come first.


3. Planned Opportunities to Recognize Success

It’s been proven time and time again: as much as people want to be paid, people want to be recognized.

The occasional pat on the back and “you’re a rockstar” is nice, but momentary validation only goes so far. When success recognition in the form of incentive milestones, shout-outs, and promotions is installed, you can rest easy knowing that your hard work will pay off.

If these benefits sound like they’re too good to be true, then you’re overdue for a company switch. As you look for a sales company that is determined to help you succeed, make sure it includes these inalienable benefits.


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