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From over-stacked loads to trucks on fire, this year’s CVSA Roadcheck saw some wild violations.

Even if your rig isn’t an inferno, it’s still good to know what caused the most violations this year. Here’s what drivers saw as a Roadcheck Report:


  • There was no shortage of FMCSA staff. At the Deerfield, Massachusetts stop, FMSCA reps outnumbered drivers more than two-to-one.


  •  An “unbelievable” amount of drivers were caught with personal-use cannabis.


  • Overweight loads were especially cracked-down on with the use of portable scales.


  • Some of the most common infringements occurred in the form of logging violations, including those relating to hours of service, excessive personal conveyance, or even keeping two logbooks.


  • Wheel seals were also a point of serious investigation. Last year, 3% of all vehicle-related violations had to do with wheel seals.


Of course, there were a few extreme cases: One driver was pulled from the road with a tire so bald that the metal braid was showing, and his brakes so worn they could be compressed with bare hands.

Even if your brakes are in good shape and your tires are new, it’s still a good idea to give your truck a once-over. Even as the Roadcheck has come to a conclusion, we hope you’ll stay safe. As one wise trucker put it, “You can’t prepare for Roadcheck, you have to prepare all year, all the time.”

We’re here to help you keep your truck in inspection-ready shape all year long. 

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