Retreads are a safe, reliable, and convenient for your fleet. Here are five ways that retreads can save you money.

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It’s time to separate fact from friction: Do retreads save you all that much?

The resounding answer is yes. Retreads are a safe, reliable, and convenient way for your fleet to save on one of your most significant expenses.

Here are five ways that retreads cut your tire costs.


  1. Lower Initial Cost

One of the most publicized benefits of retreads is their low initial cost. On average, fleets pay 30-50% less for retreads than they do for traditional tires!

A common misconception about retread pricing is that their low cost is the product of their poor production quality. This belief is far from the truth.

In reality, retreads can be priced so low because of the manufacturing process. Rather than pay for the manufacturing of an entirely new tire body, retreads are only concerned with the tire tread.


  1. Reduce Disposal Costs

Disposing of a traditional tire can be a costly and time-consuming process… if even possible in your state.


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In addition to the disposal fees, getting rid of old tires requires going to a particular tire disposal plant, the fuel costs to make the trip, and a guaranteed headache.

Because retreads are designed to be recycled and reused, you can avoid a costly and time-consuming disposal process. As a bonus, retreads are also significantly better for the environment, too!


  1. Fuel Efficiency

Not only have retreads been shown to be just as fuel efficient as regular tires, but some studies have shown that retreads can even drive fuel costs down by 10-13%! Selecting fuel-efficient retreads can mean sustained savings for your fleet.

Of course, a retread’s fuel efficiency, like regular tires, is mainly dependent on healthy tire maintenance.


  1. High Safety Standards

Retreads undergo a scrupulous inspection process before they are distributed. From airlines to racing teams, high-performance industries trust retread integrity to keep their wheels turning.

With such exceptional safety standards, you can save time and money on repairs and routes lost to breakdowns.


  1. Fleet Savings

If you are the owner of a fleet, you’re in luck: Several retread programs offer discounts for fleets. These discounts allow you to compound the savings of a low initial cost and sustained fuel savings with a discounted rate!

Retreads are one the easiest and most effective ways for carriers to take a chunk out of their expenses. If you’re looking for quality retreads, check out Oliver’s and Bandag’s retreads.


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