The Surplus That End of Quarter Can Be

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End of Quarter can bring in big earnings

Time really does march on, and sometimes it ushers in unintentional opportunity. In logistics, particularly LTL, we should be aware of the end of quarter earning opportunities that immediately follow the “the march of time.” The end of the calendar year is nearly here, and the expiration date on Q4 and 2019 is quickly approaching…. Read more »

Specialized Services Through Less-Than-Truckload

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specialized services through less than truckload

Have you ever had a shipment that you just aren’t sure how to move? Maybe a new destination that you aren’t sure how to deliver to? Some loads aren’t your typical dock-to-dock service. Your customer may need the product for a special event and the freight may require specialized care– some shipments just need a… Read more »

Benefits of National and Regional Carriers

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national carrier vs regional carrier benefits

The LTL marketplace is currently full of excellent options for both regional and nationwide carriers.  Before we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both, let’s first identify the difference between the two.   Distinguishing between National and Regional Carriers   Regional carriers service a specific, and often narrowly defined, service area such as the Northwest… Read more »

NMFC Codes for Tailgate Parties

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NMFC Codes for Tailgate Parties | Football LTL

This time of year is marked by earlier sunsets and the subtle appearance of light jackets that echo a slight nip in the air. While this may bring dismay to the fans of summer water sports, many celebrate that football season is upon us. The arrival of football brings a host of logistical demands. Consider… Read more »

Preparing for General Rate Increases

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preparing for general rate increases blue money arrow pointing up

There are several points throughout the year when less-than-truckload carriers prepare take a general rate increase (GRI). Rather than get caught off guard, there are a few tips that can decrease the impact of a GRI. Establish a planned approach to a GRI with a few simple guidelines.   Strategize Have a strategy or standing… Read more »

Freight Classification Adjustments

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Freight Classification Adjustments | Who is the CCSB | NMFTA | NMFC

Freight classification remains a fluid and evolving subject. At any time, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has issued amendments to the current National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). This happens a few times throughout the year, and can require shippers to be on their toes.   The NMFTA reconsidered the proposed amendments by March… Read more »

Four Steps to an Outstanding Customer Experience

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Outstanding Customer Service | Weekly Coaching Call Reviews Direct Contact Matching Communication Styles

The size of your business is not based on the number of employees, but the number of customers that continue to use your product. With competitors always ready to fill in, it’s key to set yourself apart by offering the best experience. In this article, we will share four ways to stay connected with your… Read more »

Accessorial Charges: You Get What You Pay For

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Accessorial Charges Accessorial Fees LTL Shipping

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is a tricky and important part of your business to navigate accurately. When you are booking a LTL shipment, you are traditionally booking a dock-to-dock transfer of your product. However, most shipments aren’t that simple. Not everyone is packing pallets up in a warehouse with a dock, and not all… Read more »