To be prepared for the week ahead, here’s the skinny on Brake Safety Week 2023. The CVSA is checking brake lining and pad compliance.

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All gas and no brakes can make for a deadly combination in trucking.

To help carriers maintain the health of their brakes, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is hosting its annual Brake Safety Week. For many carriers, this week is an excellent opportunity to tune up their brakes.

To be prepared for the week ahead, here’s the skinny on Brake Safety Week 2023.


What Is Brake Safety Week?

During Brake Safety Week, commercial vehicle inspectors conduct their typical inspections with a special emphasis on the condition of a carrier’s brakes. This year, the CVSA is highlighting brake lining and pad compliance.

More specifically, inspectors will be evaluating the following:

  • Missing, contaminated, cracked, or loose brake parts.
  • Air leaks surrounding brake parts.
  • Slack adjuster lengths.
  • Air brake pressure to be between 90 – 100 psi.
  • Spring brake health.
  • Breakaway system functionality.

If improper braking function is discovered at any level, a carrier could be suspended or have their safety rating affected.


When is Brake Safety Week 2023?

Brake Safety Week 2023 will be held August 20 – 26.


Where is Brake Safety Week 2023 Being Held?

Brake Safety Week 2023 will take place across North America.


How Can I Prepare for Brake Safety Week 2023?

The CVSA has produced several resources to help carriers be prepared for Brake Safety Week, including:

Of course, your very best means of preparation is to make sure that your brakes are in peak condition. To best accomplish this, try using a maintenance express form for an easy and painless way to schedule repairs.


Keeping up with Brake Safety Week may seem a little daunting at first, but the initiative can provide a wonderful opportunity to maintain your brake’s health and keep yourself and others safe.

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