what kind of damage can a tire blowout cause

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They come without warning.

Blowouts can happen to anyone at any time. For truckers, the damage caused by blowouts can be irreversible.

Fortunately, reliable tires can make all the difference in preventing blowouts. The Michelin Xline Energy Z, for example, has been shown to outlast competitor tires by 20%.

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    Besides equipping your rig with great tires, it pays to know how blowouts happen.


    Why do Tire Blowouts Happen?

    Blowouts can happen for a variety of reasons.

    what kind of damage can a tire blowout cause
    • Poor inflation is the most likely culprit. Many falsely believe that overinflation is more dangerous. Quite the opposite, underinflation causes an unequal pressure distribution, making blowouts more likely.
    • Overloading can also place excessive strain on tires. Always ensure that the load weight does not exceed the recommended limitations of your trailer.
    • Worn or damaged treads also make blowouts more likely. The right pothole at the right time can compromise any vulnerability in a tire’s integrity.

    Understanding why blowouts happen is vital for prevention. Knowing a gambit of potential scenarios can help you prepare for the worst should your tire blow out.


    What Kind of Damage Can a Tire Blowout Cause?

    The definitive result of a blowout depends entirely on the circumstances of the accident, including speed, traffic, etc. The most common results of a blowout include the following.

    • Expect a loss of control in a blowout. If you cannot regain vehicle control, other collisions and accidents may occur, causing traffic disruptions and potential pileups. Do not fully brake when a blowout occurs to avoid such a tragedy. Instead, continue to accelerate and maintain forward momentum gradually. Once you’ve regained control, carefully pull over.
    • Direct damage to a truck caused by the blowout typically involves the body panels, fenders, and undercarriage. Rims and suspension may also be at risk, depending on the tire’s place in the truck. The ensuing debris also poses a serious hazard to other drivers. When a blowout happens, try to turn on your hazards immediately to signal distress to other drivers.
    what kind of damage can a tire blowout cause

    Tire blowouts present a danger to truckers and the drivers surrounding them. Carriers can prevent blowouts by selecting durable tires and performing proper maintenance, including healthy inflation.


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