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Happy Veteran’s Day!

While so much of Veteran’s Day is rightfully spent celebrating the priceless sacrifices of our veterans, what about the ongoing contributions of veterans in trucking?

Long after their service, military veterans are still making an enormous impact in their respective spheres—but especially in the trucking world.

Did you know that more than 10 percent of all truckers in the US are vets? That’s a huge chunk of the industry. In fact, more than 1 in 4 veterans in America are veterans in trucking.

With so many veterans in the trucking industry, what are they bringing to the table?

Turns out, these individuals are serving their industry like they did their country, with passion and grit.

Here are a few astonishing facts about veterans in trucking.


Facts about Veterans in Trucking

  1. Vets had 42% fewer accidents in recent years than other drivers.
  2. Vets drove 98% more miles than non-vets.
  3. Vets retain their jobs 68% better than non-vet drivers.

As you can see, vets are fantastic drivers.

But why are these war heroes so good at their jobs? What makes them so special?

Though the exact reason can be hard to pinpoint, there are a few qualities that make our veterans in trucking unique.


Qualities of Veterans in Trucking

  1. Veterans are no strangers to hard work. They’re accustomed to long days, unrelenting focus, and the determination to keep on trucking.
  2. Vets work under pressure better than anyone else. Enemy lines make deadlines look easy.
  3. Veterans have incredibly high integrity. They fought for what they believed to be right. Why would that belief stop after their service?

Veterans are a special breed. Their selfless service has not only benefited us as a country, but their ingrained determination continues to buoy the transportation industry.

If you are a veteran looking to get your start in trucking, the Driver Resource Center has an outstanding guide for how you can get your start. Read more here. 


To our veteran drivers reading this article, we offer a sincere and meaningful thank you for your service!


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