For truckers, the holidays can be a wonderful time of year—if you’re prepared. Start planning for the holiday season now with these tips.

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The holiday season seems to come earlier and earlier every year. While some may complain about seeing Rudolph during back-to-school week, wise truckers are getting ahead of the holiday rush.

Though it may seem early, prepping for peak season now can be the difference between a holly-jolly last quarter and a long, long winter. Here are a few ways you can get ahead.


  1. Understand Basic Market Trends

Before you lay out your seasonal strategy, it’s important to understand exactly what happens during peak season.

During the holidays, consumer spending is at its highest. As gifts are purchased and shipped in record demand, truckers are needed more than ever. This increase in demand requires truckers to be more efficient, more organized, and more timely to meet consumer expectations.

This increase in demand may seem a little daunting, but peak season can be a lucrative time of the year for prepared truckers. Emphasis on prepared.


  1. Create an Outline for a Holiday Schedule

To capitalize on this increase in demand, truckers should reach out to shippers and clients months in advance to solicit their availability during peak season.

Successful truckers take this action a step further and begin to network with shippers offering seasonal goods in anticipation of the busy season. If the new G.I. Joe is all the rage, for example, truckers should make arrangements to ship these products months before the holidays roll around.

Of course, making connections with big box retailers can be challenging. If you’re looking to maximize your suite of products to ship, you may consider working with your shipper to utilize a freight broker to get in touch with large distributors.


  1. Make Appropriate Reservations for Resources

Above all, your holiday strategy depends on your capacity to make your deliveries. If you are feeling a little stretched thin, you may consider acquiring additional assets to increase your capacity. You may choose to acquire another addition to your fleet, a new trailer—whatever you need to meet the needs of your plan.

In addition to growing your fleet, you’ll want to confirm that you have the tools to execute your strategy. Load boards, fuel stop apps,  and route mapping aids will all be critical for maximizing your holiday season.


  1. Anticipate Weather Conditions

Santa may have had Rudolph, but truckers could end up with their routes on freeze if they aren’t prepared.

If you act now, winter trucking gear can be purchased at a discount price during the summer months. Consider equipping your rig with winter tires before the first snow falls to get the very best price.

If you’re looking to get your rig in ship-shape for the best peak season possible, try consulting this maintenance form for custom-tailored service to your truck.


For truckers, the holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year—if you’re prepared. Start prepping now to give your bottom line, and maybe a few elves, a well-needed break.


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