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I once worked closely with an individual that battled some enormous demons: depression, social anxiety, and insecurity were a few difficulties they battled daily, all culminating in debilitating episodes of isolation. Regardless of this person’s struggles, they were renowned in their work environment for one rare, remarkable talent: integrity. This individual never wavered from their own personal standards, and could consequently be trusted to remain accountable, transparent, and productive. Even in the face of intense adversity that required a frequent sick day, my friend’s character qualified him for leadership positions, impactful performance, and the trust of his colleagues.

Of every desirable workplace attribute, integrity is the most foundational. Consider these three reasons why, even above skill and experience, employers prefer integrity in their new-hires.


1. Integrity translates to productivity.

A person of integrity does more than uphold the moral standards of their environment; they maintain a strong set of internal values to which they are obstinately loyal and personally accountable. People of integrity are hardworking because they are self-motivated: they are their own supervisors. If a person of integrity begins to perceive that distractions are inhibiting their work ethic, they will remove them. If a person of integrity senses that their pace is slowing, they’ll set goals to encourage productivity. People of integrity work hard even when they are tired.

Obviously, such unrelenting dedication to productivity is a highly sought-after quality of people with integrity.


2. Integrity translates to quality.

Beside a default dedication to their very best work, people of integrity produce quality products because of their commitment to honesty. If an error or imperfection in a product arises that can be helped, people of integrity work meticulously to ensure that the issue is resolved. To prevent such errors, people of integrity will also never cut corners or call on resources they know are not dependable. This habit ensures that product quality is always impeccable.

In managing brand reputation, and consequently business growth, employers will seek out people of integrity to attain such a product quality.


3. Integrity translates to customer service.

Perhaps of all the benefits associated with employees of integrity, exceptional customer service may be the most impactful. Excellent character in the heart of an employee has several effects on a customer-company relationship:

  • The customer will trust the company, and therefore be inclined to do business more frequently.
  • The customer will likely be more satisfied with their experience, and therefore be inclined to suggest your business to others.
  • The customer will likely develop a positive relationship with the employee of integrity, and therefore be inclined to stay loyal to your brand.


Virtually all elements of business growth are influenced positively when an employee of character is present. This makes them in invaluable and indispensable asset to any employer.

If you are an employer, seek out people of integrity. Try and evaluate their moral standing when conducting interviews, and don’t be shy in inquiring about their personal values. If you are looking for work, strive to be unshaken in your personal values.

Regardless of your position, seeking integrity is sound advice for everyone.