what to do in a traffic jam

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If you have sat in traffic long enough, you may have wondered how congested the highway really is. You may have wanted to compare your experience with those of others in the country.

If we are suffering through traffic jams at least we are all suffering together, right?

Here is a quick recap of which states have the worst traffic and what to do in a traffic jam.


Top Traffic States

With a national average of 47% congestion, California comes in at number one for worst traffic in the United States with an 87% congestion rate. California is followed closely by Maryland at 83% and New Jersey at 81%.

Coast-to-coast traffic is unavoidable but that doesn’t mean it has to rule your life, there are plenty of things to do to help alleviate boredom. Reclaim your time with these tips:


Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

Finding a good podcast or audiobook is essential for long periods of downtime. An engaging story can help you learn something new or simply pass the time. With thousands of options to choose from you can’t go wrong.

Listening to something you enjoy can help relieve the frustration traffic jams can cause and improve your mood. Fight the road rage with the sweet sound of your favorite show or book.


Learn a Language

There are lots of ways to learn new languages including audio programs you can use to help expand your skillset.

Stimulating your brain is a way great to spend time in a traffic jam and it can create opportunities to speak with new people and make new friends wherever you go.


Work Out

It may not seem like there is much to do in a traffic jam, but it can be a great opportunity to get some physical fitness in. There are a number of exercises you can do without leaving the driver’s seat.

Take advantage of the time you would normally be still to get a little bit of movement in your day. Exercise can help make you happier and keep you feeling physically fit.


Although traffic jams are unavoidable there are plenty of things to do while you wait for things to get moving again. Whether to choose to listen, learn, or get moving there are ways to pass the time that can improve your mood and even your health. It helps to be prepared for downtime and having something to do will really pay off, especially if you regularly find yourself in a jam.


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