skimming and shimming

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With fuel prices continuing to make headlines, scammers are pioneering new ways to pick your pockets at the pump.

Here’s how.


What are Skimming and Shimming?

By planting a special device on a fuel pump terminal, thieves can collect credit card information. Skimming refers to the collection of information via a swipe terminal and shimming by a credit card chip.

As fuel prices break records, scammers are seeing a gold mine of opportunity. But, with a little extra effort, drivers are able to easily foil these thieves with a few easy tips.


How to Protect Against Skimming and Shimming


• Always inspect a terminal before fueling up. Look for anything out of ordinary.
• Pay with mobile apps to avoid the pump altogether. Love’s and TA-Petro are great options.
• Pay inside the fuel stop to skip the pump.
• Use GPS/proximity-secured transactions if available.


If you suspect you may have been a victim of skimming or shimming, monitor your transaction history for anything suspicious. At the first sign of fraud, be sure to freeze your account as soon as possible.

If fraud is highly likely, call the customer service line of your provider and order new cards. Better safe than sorry!

Because this issue is becoming widespread, be sure to inform the members of your fleet of this serious threat to your security.


Other Scams Beside Skimming and Shimming

Fuel freebies to ne’er-do-wells aren’t the only scams plaguing the trucking world. Remember, no matter what they say, vendors will never reach out via email or phone call to request personal information.

Be vigilant drivers. Your profits are hard-earned, and your cash should never end up in the undeserving pockets of a thief. Protect yourself against skimming and shimming.


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