From shoppers to shippers, the holiday season is hectic for everyone. It can be challenging for temperature-controlled shipping to keep up.

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From shoppers to shippers, the holiday season can be hectic for everyone. It can be especially challenging for temperature-controlled shipping to stay on top of the rush. Here are a few reasons the holiday season is so complex and what you can do to be prepared.


Temperature-Controlled Shipping Demand

Seasonally popular items like cranberries and other fresh produce are considered essential items for many consumers during the holiday season. The demand for these products dramatically increases as the number of gatherings increases along with the amount of food purchased. Seasonal recipes often incorporate goods delivered to grocery stores via temperature-controlled shipping, and increased purchases mean more frequent deliveries are needed.

Due to this increased holiday demand for temperature-controlled shipping, it can be challenging to keep up with the deliveries. Temperature-controlled less-than-truckload is an option that allows for multiple shipments on the same truck to go to various destinations. This can help streamline the shipping process when more frequent and potentially smaller loads are required to keep food fresh.


Weather and Driver Difficulties

Holiday difficulties don’t stop at demand. Bad weather can make deliveries take longer and possibly delay time-sensitive shipments. The potential for road closures and severe winter storms increases as drivers on the road decrease. Time at home for the holidays can mean a significant drop in the number of available carriers during a season where they are most needed.

It is essential to keep open communication with drivers and shippers during times like these. Coordinating new routes during storms and providing updates to shippers about the status of their freight is essential to keeping drivers on the road and getting products to their destinations. Third-party logistics companies specializing in temp-controlled freight can help address these challenges and provide the flexibility and efficiency to optimize shipping during this time of year.


Holiday Deadlines and Consumer Habits

Not only is there an increased demand and challenges for shipping during the holiday season, but there are also time constraints and deadlines for products. Consumers lose interest in certain ingredients after their holiday dinners. Therefore, if those goods are not available when needed, the opportunity for that sale will pass. As the new year approaches, so does time for resolutions and a surge in healthy eating. This shifts the demand from heavy holiday dinners to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shifts in consumer habits require flexibility from temperature-controlled shipping. Staying on top of what is being shipped and getting similar items into the same truck can be complicated. England Logistics provides this flexibility and planning to help get temperature-sensitive products where they need to go at the temperature they need to stay.

The holiday season is a challenging time for temperature-controlled shipping; ensure you have someone there to help you through it.


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