sherpa award

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Congratulations to our Q1 Sherpa Employee Award winner, Josh!

Josh is a class act. He exudes excellence, hard work and integrity. Since joining the England Logistics family, he has done an extraordinary job reaching his goals. He has hit ramp 11 months consecutively and has been the recipient of three Elite Club recognitions. His presence is felt when it comes to his ability to lead his team and assist those that are in need of a helping hand. It’s not rare to find him pitching “mini boot camps” in order to drive numbers or to rally behind his peers for support. Josh is committed to the company’s vision of top-notch customer service and a winning mindset. His attention to detail and obsession with bettering himself is a huge indicator that he is a perfect fit for our culture. We are honored to have him as part of our winning team. We look forward to his next accomplishments and huge achievements. 


Sherpa Employee of the Quarter Josh


Congratulations to our Q1 Sherpa Manager Award winner, Alex!

Over the last six months, Alex has driven down our client turnover on the fuel team, and has done a great job managing his small team as well as providing direction to the LCs. He has a strong analytical skill set but is well balanced towards customer service. During this time, he also transitioned to a new team. He has done a great jobof diving into his new role and ensuring that deadlines are met without sacrificing data integrity. Alex has tackled every initiative given him with enthusiasm and gives his best effort. He is extremely dedicated and views his work as a reflection of himself. He has done a great job of building relationships within the group he leads as well as internal customers that he serves on a daily basis. We are lucky to have him on our team as he personally strives to ELevate each and every day! 


Sherpa Manager of the Quarter Winner Alex