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Congratulations to our June Employee of the Month, Edwin!

Edwin, or “Mr. Dominante” as we like to call him, is not only a leader on the team, but a reliable, consistent and highly-driven person. When he sets goals for himself, he doesn’t just achieve them, he destroys them. For example, Edwin was the first member of his 4DX team to hit Senior Account Manager and capped that off with a huge month of 103,000 brand new gallons. He is humble in nature and will never flaunt his consistent and lasting success. Edwin deserves all the recognition in the world.


June Employee of the Month Edwin


Congratulations to our June Backbone of the Month, Daniel!

Daniel lives the England Logistics culture on a daily basis by doing what he can to elevate himself and his performance. You will hear him on a daily basis asking what he can do to help the team. Daniel frequently comes in early and stays late to make sure the job gets done. In addition, he is always willing to step in and provide insight to new team members on market conditions, how to best utilize McLeod and understand what to look for when selling loads. Daniel is a great asset to the team and we are excited to see all that he accomplishes.


June Backbone of the Month Daniel