The holiday shipping season is quickly approaching, now is the time to prepare, and everyone has an opinion on how it will go.

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The holiday shipping season is quickly approaching, and everyone has an opinion on how it will go. A survey done by DC Velocity found that 51% of industry professionals think this year will be more chaotic than last year. However, 26% believe it will be less chaotic, and 22% think it will be about the same. Despite these differing opinions, there will be plenty to prepare for this holiday shipping season.



Although the negative impact of COVID-19 on the shipping world is drifting away, there are still plenty of challenges to look out for.

The holiday shipping season may creep earlier this year than in previous years. You may already be feeling the impact as Amazon prime day orders are set to roll in. This kicks off the shopping season, which is marked by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and will continue to stay busy all the way through Christmas. An early start to the holiday rush means less time to prepare for the demand, so early preparation is more important this year.

The ongoing labor shortage may make hiring for shippers much more difficult. Groups hiring seasonal workers may be understaffed for this hectic time, which can cause delays in the shipping process. The labor shortage also impacts drivers and can bring the speed of deliveries to a crawl if not kept in check.

As always, the unpredictable winter weather will impact the holiday shipping season. There isn’t a way to prevent delays from storms but tracking weather and keeping drivers updated on safe routes is a good way to avoid some of the slowdowns that can come from a bad storm.



The best way to get ahead of the challenges of the holiday shipping season is to start planning early and reviewing results from previous years. Getting ahead of the holiday shopping rush can help you avoid delays as business picks up. Reviewing past years can assist you in planning for this year by knowing what worked well and where you have struggled in the past.

Another way to have a successful holiday shipping season is to set clear expectations with clients as to when shipments will be delivered. Being transparent with the season’s challenges will help keep you on the same page as your client. Keeping open communication is a great way to ensure the holiday shipping season goes smoothly, especially when unexpected delays occur.

Finally, an important step in preparing for the holiday shipping season is to make sure you are partnered with someone to help you along the way. England Logistics is equipped to help make the season run smoothly and has your back when there are bumps in the road. Working with a 3PL is essential to staying ahead of the rush and tackling the unique challenges of this year’s holiday shipping season.


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