The Grind Line Find Success Work Ethic

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The Stanley Cup playoffs are upon us. It has been said by many that the quest to win Lord Stanley’s Cup is one of the most grueling tasks in all of sports. It is physically and mentally grinding. With any championship team, you need players that are willing to know their role on the team and execute it to the best of their abilities. You have your superstars, and then you have your grinders. Your grinders are typically the players that are willing to put in the extra work needed to get you the win. This includes blocking shots, killing penalties, protecting your scorers, chipping in timely goals, being an emotional leader in the locker room and elevating your teammates by your work ethic and example. The grinders have always been my favorite players on any championship team.

The reason that Full Truckload (FTL) Portland has seen success over the years is because we apply this grinder mentality every day. Similar to the Stanley Cup playoffs, the transportation industry can be a mentally grueling industry and can shift on a moment’s notice. Markets change, customers come and go, things out of your control go wrong, but we are expected to perform on a daily basis regardless of the circumstances. We ask ourselves, “What is expected of us in our role to become a championship team?” In my opinion, the three most important qualities that a grinder can possess are a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and a willingness to be coached.

A positive attitude is a very important quality to possess. A positive attitude helps boost employee morale and productivity, whereas a sense of negativity on a team can often suspend momentum and pit employees against one another. The better the attitude, the better the performance. A better attitude fosters elevation of others around you. When employees feel empowered and are uplifted by one another, they are more likely to produce solutions that contribute to company growth.

A strong work ethic is the second most important quality in a grinder. The ability to put in the work to learn your position and put in the time and effort to perform is vital. You will get out of it however much you put in. This includes coming in early and staying late until the job is done and going that extra mile. When an opportunity for success comes along, it’s the grinders who put in the extra work that will find success.

Last but not least is each employee’s coach-ability. If you are always seeking improvement and seeking the advice of your peers and superiors, you will find success. If you are willing to take advice, change your patterns and adapt to your role, the team will be successful. I personally would have never found success at England Logistics if I weren’t willing to make myself coachable.

I take pride in calling myself a grinder. FTL Portland takes pride in being grinders. I urge all England Logistics employees to apply these attributes to their role, regardless if you are the president or an entry-level employee. If you do, you will find success. Your team will be successful and opportunities will present themselves to you. Grinders win championships, hoist the cup and inspire and elevate others around them.

– Chris, General Manager, Portland Office General Manager