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When you choose to trust a company with your business, you’re relying on them to know how to best help you. Understanding the goals that you’ve set and what issues you face can ensure that you trust their company with your business for years to come. The same applies to your customer service strategy. Knowing your customer can take their experience with your company from good to great. Learn how to make your customer service experience really stand out with these simple tips.


Utilize Customer Data

As a small business, analyzing data may be recorded in a simple spreadsheet rather than a custom-built system. However, this information is still valuable to your customers. Try offering this information in personalized emails or phone calls. They may not expect the information, but will appreciate the time you took to think of their business and offer research.


Smaller businesses also have an advantage over big businesses when reacting to market trends as they typically have direct contact with senior leaders.


Similarly, institutional habits can be difficult to overcome for businesses that have been established for some time. Take advantage of your flexibility and experiment with information to find what matters to your customers.


Look Closely

While it’s important to collect data to create a complete profile of your customer, be sure to review the information that’s easily accessible. Facebook analytics and other free tools have made it easier than ever to understand how consumers interact with your business. Take a close look at how customers engage with your business online and what networks they may be able to connect you with. Loyalty cards, social media interactions and surveys can be great ways to further engage with your customers and get to know them.


Think Big

It’s a good idea to have a few tried-and-true practices for developing relationships with your customers. However, you may find success in trying new methods with a variety of customers. One customer may open up to you more based on one customer service practice while another customer prefers a different approach. As with your customer service strategy, it can be beneficial to think outside the box and put a new spin on your services. Consider reframing the existing data and insights that you have collected so that each customer receives the information that is most valuable to them.


Keeping your customer service strategy and the services you provide fresh will ensure that each customer feels catered to.


These are just a few of the many ways that you can show your customers that you’re aware of them and value their business. By spending some time customizing their experience, you’re sure to earn a customer for years to come.




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