Factoring Company Factoring Tips

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When choosing a factoring company, you have the opportunity to gain a strategic advantage by solidifying your success and simplifying your day. Utilizing factoring resources can result in numerous benefits. It’s essential to dig deep and find the funding source that best fits your needs. Ask yourself the following questions before selecting you factoring funding source.


Are they invested in your success?

Your factoring provider should be honest with you about the tools and services that will work best for your business. At England Carrier Services (ECS), we build relationships on a foundation of trust and results. Our ECS factoring account managers ensure that business runs smoothly for each of our customers, allowing them to haul more loads, grow their business and focus on what’s important.


How well do they know your business?

The best companies know your business and the challenges you face. England Carrier Services is dedicated to gaining insight into each aspect of a business in order to prepare for various scenarios. As we are immersed in every aspect of the transportation industry, we have the experience to provide prompt solutions and prevent mistakes before they even occur.


Can they provide you with everything you need?

Our ECS team provides access to factoring, fuel, tire and maintenance discounts and ready implementation of ELDs all under the same roof. Combined with industry-leading technology and best in class customer support, ECS is an essential tool for trucking companies looking for strategic alliance to maintain and restore cash flow and grow their business.


Take the time to investigate companies. You’ll readily see the benefits that set England Carrier Services apart from the competition and the advantages that make ECS unique. The positive results of time well spent will be apparent in your customer experience. Choose a factoring company that values you and your business and provides the strategic advantages to help you succeed.




The England Carrier Services (ECS) division offers a variety of services for carriers ranging from maintenance to support. As ECS members, carriers have access to nationwide discounts on fuel and tires from dedicated team members who are committed to finding the best price. ECS also provides factoring services with benefits such as same-day funding to a bank account or fuel card. These options allow carriers the freedom to focus on growing their business while saving time and money.