Driver Appreciation Spotlight | Jonathan

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To celebrate Driver Appreciation Week, England Logistics is recognizing carriers for their exceptional work within their respective industry. Highlighted individuals are selected from nominations provided by their peers.

Alice is the proud spouse and partner of Jonathan Gibson. Alice nominated Jonathan for being, “one of the hardest working old school truck drivers in the industry.” They kindly provided the photo of Jonathan.

With the advent of the internet, social media, and pocket broadcasting, self-aggrandization could be considered the currency of our culture. It seems that if enormous amounts of validation and recognition are not obtained, a person is withering—and even forgotten.

Then there are exceptions like Jonathan. There are individuals that proceed to do good day in and day out, like Jonathan. There are people that still only receive the validation of their own conscience, like Jonathan. And there are people that are still happy to be happy, quietly—also like Jonathan.

Spending a few minutes with a man like Jonathan will renew your perspective on what living a fulfilling life looks like. If the craze of contemporary life has left you spinning, read about another individual who leaves the spinning to his wheels, and his legacy to his small family.


How long have you been trucking for?

About 38 years—since ’84!

Why did you decide to become a driver?

I grew up on a farm and always loved the sound of the big trucks. I loved hearing the gears shift so much that I stuck around.

What do you love most about driving?

I love being out and being free. I meet new people everyday that are kind. I just love it.

What is the best way that others can show their appreciation for drivers?

Just being courteous and respectful. Respect drivers by knowing that we are just doing our job.

Your sweetheart says you are a hard worker. Why is that you work so hard?

I love what I do! In order to have something, you need to work hard at it. Nobody will just give it to you! And I just want to help my company become successful and provide for my family.

What advice would you give to other drivers on working hard?

Always have a goal and go for it!

What difference has mindfulness made in your career?

It’s gotten me where I am at today. It’s the reason my career so special. My dad always told me that hard work never hurt nobody. And I just work hard for my family.