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There are five common objectives that cause business owners to seek out a supply chain management provider: quick response time, the ability to manage and fulfill expectations, optimized pricing, increased sales and reduced logistics costs. When businesses choose to work with a supply chain provider rather than tackle it in-house, they access an expansive resource network with the necessary services to succeed. Here are a few ways that a supply chain management provider can help you build your dream business.


Enhanced Efficiency

Using a supply chain management provider ensures that each step in your process is executed efficiently and cost-effectively. Supply chain management providers are able to leverage relationships with carriers for volume discounts, providing customers with lower overhead and fast savings. Choosing a quality supply chain management provider allows your company to benefit from resources that are typically unavailable to in-house supply chain teams.


Increased Savings

Relying on an external supply chain service will save your company time and money in the long run. With this resource, there’s no need to invest in warehouse space, technology, transportation and trained staff to execute the logistics process. Made up of experienced professionals, supply chain management teams can save you from costly mistakes and allow your business to build a global logistics network with lower risk and higher return. Additionally, supply chain management providers save you the time needed to carry out the supply chain.


There is no need to worry about the paperwork, freight billing, audits, training, staffing and optimization involved to get your goods from point A to point B.


Industry Resources

Having an experienced team on your side can ensure that your supply chain is on its ‘A’ game. Supply chain management providers are knowledgeable on the industry’s best practices and stay up to date on the latest developments in technology, manufacturing and logistical needs. Specialized supply chain software is capable of advanced reporting, inventory management and allowing visibility to monitor the entire process through online tools.


Process Optimization

Adjustments and improvements can easily be made to each link in the supply chain through supply chain management services. These professionals can ensure your needs are met through the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective methods. Products can easily be delivered when and where you need them through tools and technology offered by supply chain management providers. Sophisticated software analyzes practices to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline the supply chain.


Outsourcing supply chain management services will ensure continuous improvements are made to your logistics process while cutting logistics costs.


Today, 86% of Fortune 500 companies use a supply chain management provider to oversee their supply chains. The supply chain management model has been proven to be effective by the world’s largest retailers, distributors and manufacturers. Regardless of company size, a supply chain management provider may be the secret to enhancing your company’s competitive edge. Outsourcing your logistical needs allows you to focus on core competencies and rely on experienced professionals for the rest. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your logistics needs are handled through a supply chain management provider.




The England Logistics’ Supply Chain Management (SCM) division is dedicated to assisting shippers with all aspects of their logistical needs. SCM utilizes tools that offer enhanced visibility, efficiency, and profitability. Our team is dedicated to providing the best service and creating a customized strategy for your company’s needs. Reducing logistics costs while increasing profitability is our goal, and we’ll work hard to see your business grow.