Week after week, month after month, Carrier Connection strives to provide truckers with information they’ll actually use.

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Week after week, month after month, Carrier Connection strives to provide truckers with information they’ll actually use. Covering industry events, trucking lifestyle, and business expansion tips, each article is crafted to help truckers succeed.

Carrier Connection has grown over the years to an audience of over 60,000 truckers. To celebrate the growth of Carrier Connection, here are the most popular articles from 2023.


  1. Trucking and Wildlife: Tips for Animal Encounters

As infrastructure expands to accommodate a booming supply chain, trucking and wildlife cross paths more frequently. While the occasional animal sighting can shake up the view, animal encounters can also be a significant hazard for themselves and the drivers.

To help you know how to avoid a potentially hairy run-in, get to know the behaviors of some common roadside critters in this article. Read more here.


  1. How to Spot Freight Crime

Cargo theft is up 41% in 2023 and continues to rise.

Like freight, crime comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Though cargo theft is an alarming threat to carrier safety, freight crime is not confined to theft.

Learn about the different varieties of freight crime in this article. Read more here.


  1. 5 Tips for Communicating with Dispatchers

recent study found that miscommunications cost small companies an average of $420,000 per year. That’s a lot of dough over wasted words.

In trucking, communication is everything. If a route isn’t communicated correctly, the results can be wasted time and miles for carriers.

To help your trucking company prevent miscommunications and save money, read this article. Read more here.


  1. Emergency Situations Guide: Would You Know What to Do?

A famous adage goes something like, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” In an emergency, a failure to prepare could mean tragedy.

As a valued carrier, your safety is essential. To help prepare you for the worst, we’ve compiled eight suggestions for common emergencies to help you be prepared in this article. Read more here.


  1. 3 Ways of Preventing Fuel Card Fraud

If you were robbed every 1 in 10 times you fueled up, you may start to feel a little panicky at the pump. Shockingly, some sources estimate that fleets lose 5-10% of their fuel every year to fuel card fraud.

For many businesses, fuel card fraud is large enough to seriously stall operations. To prevent this tragedy, read this article. Read more here.


  1. 3 Practical Ways AI Can Help Your Trucking Business

With all the chatter about autonomous trucking and AI-assisted driver monitoring, it can be difficult for everyday trucking companies to know how they can use AI trucking in practical ways.

Here are a few easy ways small trucking companies utilize AI for their businesses in this article. Read more here.


  1. Is the Rubber on the Roadside a Retread?

Now that retreads have been in the market for a while, many tire manufacturers have had the opportunity to conduct market research on the integrity of retreads in the long haul. These tests range from evaluating the durability of retreads to surveying the volume of retread debris on a roadside.

The results are in, and the numbers have a story of their own to tell. Read more here.


  1. How Has the Average Trucker Changed Over the Years?

People tend to think that world was a better place when they were younger. In fact, this mentality is so common that it has a name: declinism. Simply put, declinism is the human tendency to see the future pessimistically and the past favorably.

But what about trucking? Has trucking changed over the years?

An even better question: Have truckers changed over the years?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at the numbers. Read more here.


  1. How to Make the Most of Leveling Fuel Prices

When the 2022 fuel surge hit, many truckers struggled to get by with diesel prices escalating to $6/gallon. Many truckers have expressed fear that another surge may be on the horizon, but what story do diesel trends tell? Read more here.


  1. Sustainability and Trucking: Practical Tips for Truckers

Sustainability is the practice of making conscious decisions with the environment in mind.

Carriers often think that to be sustainable, you need to make the impossible switch to an all-electric fleet or adopt a Fred Flintstone approach to driving. In reality, sustainability can be easy, small, and even save your fleet by trimming unnecessary expenses! Read more here.


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