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Congratulations to our April Employee of the Month, TR!

In addition to managing his book of business and providing quality customer service, TR searches for growth opportunities within his division. He has taken it upon himself to become a SalesForce super-user and is sharing these skills with his team. By taking the time to coach his teammates, he has ensured that division processes are done efficiently and accurately. TR is always willing to help with a genuine desire to see his coworkers and the company prosper. There is no one more deserving of this award.


April Employee of the Month TR


Congratulations to our April Backbone of the Month, Jourdyn!

In her year with England Logistics, Jourdyn has become the resident expert for the factoring and tire accounting systems. She has quickly gained an indispensable amount of knowledge and understanding of the accounting transaction flow. Jourdyn is the example of how to offer the highest degree of internal customer service. She is alwayswilling to help and go the extra mile and does so with a smile. She has an outstanding ability to critically analyze and research transactions in search of a solution for issues in a process. She has taken the lead on multiple accounting projects, ensuring successful completion within project deadlines. Jourdyn shapes the culture in the finance and accounting department and is a key member of the team.


April Backbone of the Month Jourdyn