Aside from the obvious peace of mind that supply chain visibility makes possible, there are several benefits that visibility can bring.

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Have you ever tried to assemble a puzzle with your eyes closed? As absurd as this scenario may seem, you may as well be hopelessly clawing at the pieces of a supply chain puzzle without supply chain visibility.

Supply chain visibility allows shippers to track goods at each stage of the shipping process. Aside from the obvious peace of mind that supply chain visibility makes possible, there are several benefits that visibility can bring to help you reduce expenses and save time.


  1. Faster Solutions to Urgent Issues

If a shipment is stalled at a kink in the supply chain, it may be weeks before the error is identified. Such significant delays can bring your business to a grinding halt, cause poor customer perception, and call for costly compensation.

With supply chain visibility, kinks in the shipping process can be identified immediately. Once an error is caught, a rapid investigation can be launched to alleviate any hold-ups. This seamless supply chain management potential can make all the difference as a credible shipper.


  1. Quality Control and Compliance

Some supply chain mishaps pertain to the safe arrival of the product.

Supply chain visibility can include reporting on a product’s status to ensure customer expectations are met. Additionally, if any kind of deviance from a standard operating procedure is responsible, supply chain visibility can inform a shipper of these variations.


  1. Better Analytics

Data is as only valuable as it is accurate. As data ages, it loses its relevance. Metric reporting can lag weeks—or even months–without supply chain visibility.

Supply chain visibility enables a shipper to receive real-time data for the most accurate insights possible. This data can be used to make informed decisions in cadence with current market.


  1. Optimize Supplier Performance

In many ways, a shipper’s success is somewhat contingent on the efficacy of its suppliers. If a supplier is prone to inefficiencies that slow production, that delay will be felt by the shipper and its clients.

Fortunately, supply chain visibility can hold suppliers accountable to their promised standards. By allowing for real-time reporting, shippers can make judgment calls on the delivery of their suppliers, and if necessary, make adjustments when expectations are not being met.


  1. Better Service to Clients

Perhaps the most attractive benefit, supply chain visibility enables shippers to provide their clients with real-time tracking updates. This intricate transparency into the supply chain process facilitates trust between shippers and clients.

A shipper can dramatically increase its reputation and capacity to deliver outstanding service by providing clients with tracking updates.


Supply chain visibility is an essential offering for a shipper to be competitive. By utilizing a third-party logistics service like England Logistics, shippers can gain access to visibility that will enable them to mitigate risk, increase agility, and provide superior customer service.

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