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Trucking companies working with England Carrier Services benefit not only from having access to some of the largest discounts on top-brand tires, but many bundle their services to increase their overall savings. We help you control your costs by offering fuel discounts, tire discounts, and factoring services. Keep your cash in your business! Work with the best!

The Firestone Classics line is designed to deliver performance you can count on by a brand you know and trust.

Proven Performance: Each tire in the Firestone Classic line up is a quality, re-treadable casing with a history of proven performance on the road.

A Classic for Every Position: The Firestone Classic line includes a tire for each wheel position at an upfront cost that doesn’t break the bank.

Don’t wait for an emergency to happen to talk about new tires



England Logistics has the most tire vendor relationships in the industry. When it comes time to select tires, you should work with experts with the contacts you need.


Launching with FIVE Tires to Cover all popular Commercial Applications

FS507 Plus Steer Radial

Shoulder-wear protection helps minimize irregular wear for long tread life.

FD690 Plus Drive Radial

Solid shoulder design distributes weight and torque evenly to fight irregular wear.

FT455 Plus Trailer Radial

Fuel efficient tread design with low bead filler volume minimizes rolling resistance.

FS560 Plus All Position Radial

Wider tread spreads load over a larger area with flow-through grooves for enhanced traction.

FD663 Multiple Use Drive Tire

Tie bars control movement of tread blocks leading to long service life.

Access to Factoring Program & Fuel Discounts

At England Logistics, we understand how vital your role is in providing shipping services to businesses across the nation. That is why England Carrier Services (ECS) has developed a custom suite of services to enhance your experience as a valued carrier on the England Logistics team.


American-made with the trusted reputation you’ve come to expect from Firestone Tires. The Firestone name has been a household name for over 130 years, known for its dependability and durability.



Upgrade your tire quality without breaking the bank. Solid performance and reliability in every mile. Higher quality, longer lasting tires without an increase in the upfront cost.



A complete lineup to cover all 5 patterns and wheel positions. Diverse tire options to align with your company’s needs. Get everything your fleet needs in one place.



Throwback sidewalls easily differentiate Firestone Classics from other Firestone Tires.


Put Our Team to Work Finding You The Best Megafleet Pricing Available

Because England Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of C.R. England, we have negotiated discounted rate agreements with NINE different tire manufactures–more than any other company in the business. These savings are then passed along to our valued customers, allowing carriers to reduce costs dramatically. Contact one of our Account Managers for custom pricing.



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