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You have the skill. We offer the support.

Your fleet has what it takes to successfully deliver freight. Our job at England Logistics is to pair you with opportunities that will let your team and your business shine. Whether you specialize in moving frozen freight throughout the nation or prefer focusing your efforts on smaller orders, we have the technology and expertise to align you with shipments and get you on the road.

Arranging efficient transportation is just one way we service carriers. Each of our carrier relationships is backed by a dedicated member of our carrier support team to provide step-by-step assistance on each shipment and ensure everything runs smoothly for you. They are also there to provide payment assistance to ensure your hard work is properly reimbursed.



Gain consistent cash flow along with peace of mind when you move freight through England Logistics. Several options exist for our carriers, starting with our industry leading payment terms of 15 days on average from receipt of paperwork. For faster terms, the following quick pay options are available:


1-Day Quick Pay

All requests received by 1500 Eastern Standard Time are paid same day subject to a 6% fee from the gross settlement rate. Requests received after that time will be paid the following business day.


2-Day Quick Pay

Payments can be received two business days after request subject to a 4% fee from the gross settlement rate.


7-Day Quick Pay

Payments can be received 7 days after submittal and are subject to a 1.5% reduction of the gross or the settlement. Payments are made by either Direct Deposit or funded onto your ECS Fuel Card. You must submit a completed payment form to in order to have your invoices paid by this method.


Each quick pay option is subject to a $10 Com-check fee per invoice. Proper documentation is required to be eligible for quick pays. Weekend, holiday and after-hours requests are subject to additional fees.

Advances are also available to cover fuel and other operating costs up to 40% of the total settlement, with a maximum advance of $2000. A $25 fee is charged for this service.


Submit invoices to:
or fax: 801-736-7983

Become a Carrier Today

Put England Logistics to work for you, and begin enjoying the endless possibilities.



Find a load to move for England Logistics through a load board. We suggest using either or DAT. Use the information on the load board listing to contact the England Logistics Capacity Manager assigned to the load.


**You must commit to moving a load before we are able to fully set you up as a new carrier**



The England Logistics Capacity Manager will send you a link to get set up as a new carrier through This email link is the ONLY way to get set up online. If you are unable to get this to work or would like a hard copy of the packet click the New Carrier Packet button below and send it back to

Purchase a set of steer tires from ECS and have them picked up and mounted at any Love's or Speedco location to get them balanced for free. Call or fill out the form below for more details!

Factoring Services, Fuel Program & Tire Discounts

At England Logistics, we understand how vital your role is in providing shipping services to businesses across the nation. That is why England Carrier Services (ECS) has developed a custom suite of services to enhance your experience as a valued carrier on the England Logistics team.

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