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Need repairs or required maintenance done? Need parts from the dealer quickly, affordably, and safely? We do it better than anyone.

Whether you have a few repairs, or need tires, or an overhead done, we have the right people at the right price. We are family owned, fully insured, and offer a host of services that will take care of all your truck repair needs.

Service Centers

Preventative Maintenance Service Programs

B Service

  • 100 Point Check
  • In-Cab Inspection (Radio/CD Check, Glass Inspection, Operation of All Instruments, Heater & A/C & Auxiliary Heater, Windshield Wiper & Washer, Lights, etc.)
  • Walk Around Inspection
  • Chassis & Underframe (Oil Change, Fuel & Oil Filters, Top Off of Windshield Wiper Fluid & Power Steering Fluid, Cooling System Check, etc.)
  • Tires & Wheels (Air Pressure, Tread Depth, etc.)
  • Quality Checks

C Service

All B — Service items as outlined above, in addition to:

  • Change cabin fresh air filter
  • Pressure check charge air cooler & record the reading
  • Load test batteries
  • Perform Meritor wheel end play check & check kingpin play

Common Parts and Services

Fuel Filter (DDEC 4)
Fuel Filter (DDEC 5)
HVAC Filter
Bunk HVAC Filter
Engine Air Filter (Century)
Engine Air Filter (Classic) 2 required
Load Test Batteries (Includes labor)
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