Supply Chain Management

Monitor, Visualize, and Manage Your Total Logistics Spend

In just over a decade England Logistics has established a reputation as one of America’s premier third-party logistics (3PL) companies. We have the expertise to optimize your enterprise-wide logistics functions. The Supply Chain Management (SCM) group works with you to improve visibility, drive down costs, and minimize liability, all while preserving the valued relationships you have with your service providers. We leverage our $1 Billion global market position to help companies like yours achieve an immediate average savings of 18%.* Aligning our dedicated logistics specialists with your supply chain team, we’ll employ powerful business intelligence tools to help you better monitor, visualize, and manage your total logistics spend (TLS).

Benefits of Supply Chain Management

  • Fee-based, agency structure; we're focused exclusively on your best interests
  • Combining our spend with yours, you'll achieve the lowest possible logistics costs
  • Centralized freight transaction data base
  • Customized reporting and business intelligence tools
  • Optimized capacity utilization
  • Reduced risk
  • World-class customer service
  • The ability to focus on your core business

*Results may vary greatly among customers and circumstances.