Payment Options

It Pays to be an England Logistics Carrier

We understand the importance of cash flow and peace of mind when it comes to receiving payment. As an England Logistics carrier, several options exist starting with our industry leading payment terms of 15 days from receipt of paperwork. For quicker terms, the following quick pay options are available:


1-Day Quick Pay

All requests received by 1500 EST are paid same day subject to a 6% fee from the gross settlement rate. Requests received after that time will be paid the following business day.


     Fax: 801-736-7914

2-Day Quick Pay

Payments can be received two business days after request subject to a 4% fee from the gross settlement rate.


     Fax: 801-736-7915

7-Day Quick Pay

The 7-Day quick pay option is paid by ACH or Fuel Card at a rate of 1.5%.


     Fax: 801-736-7983

Standard 15 day pay

 Invoices will be paid 15 days from receipt of invoice.


     Fax: 801-736-7983


Direct Deposit

We are excited to offer direct payments for our 15 day standard option.  Please complete the direct deposit authorization form below and submit to or fax to 801-736-7929




Each quick pay option is subject to a $10 Com-check fee per invoice. Proper documentation is required to be eligible for quick pays.

Advances are also available to cover fuel and other operating costs up to 40% of the total settlement, with a maximum advance of $2000. A $25 fee is charged for this service. Weekend, holiday and after hour requests are subject to additional fees.


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