England Carrier Services


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England Carrier Services Advantage

At England Logistics, we understand how vital your role is in providing shipping services to businesses across the nation. That is why ECS has developed a custom suite of services to enhance your experience as a valued carrier on the England Logistics team. Learn more about these exciting benefits by clicking the links above or to the left.

Why Factor Through ECS

England Carrier Services' ("ECS") primary offering is accounts receivable factoring, which gives carriers a flexible financing alternative to rigid bank loans and helps them meet their financial goals. ECS' stable financial position, along with our clout and ability to collect, will help allow you to meet your cash obligations in a timely and cost effective manner. Some of the benefits of teaming with England Carrier Service include:

  • Extensive experience in the trucking industry
  • Scalable to diverse business structures
  • Personal Account Management
  • Customizable services and plans
  • Competitive rates and customized pricing solutions

Why Buy Tires Through ECS

C.R. England has over 3,500 trucks and 5,500 trailers, which means that we use an incredible number of tires every year. This high purchase volume has allowed us to receive favorable pricing, and as a thank you for being an England Logistics carrier, we would like to pass those savings on to you. Through our tire program, your trucking company is able to get name brand tires at dramatically discounted prices at most dealers nationwide and access to CR England's 24-hour road service department. This program could save your company thousands of dollars.

  • Access to tier-one tires used by the nation's largest fleets
  • Better fuel efficiency and tire wear
  • ECS representatives available for program assistance
  • Set pricing for more savings
  • Most competitive rates in the industry

Why Fuel Through ECS

C.R. England's fueling volume allows us to receive significant discounts on the price of diesel fuel at the pump. If you decide to utilize England Carrier Services you will be eligible to participate in our large pump price discounts.

Take advantage of these discounts by using our Fleet One or EFS Fuel Cards. Through this program, you will be able to easily manage the expenditures made by the drivers using the cards. And if you are a factoring client, factoring funds can be added to your fuel card for free. These cards offer a great opportunity to save money on each gallon of fuel you pump.

  • Discounted fuel network with Love's, TA and Petro
  • Discount available at over 550 locations
  • ECS Fuel card accepted at all in-network locations
  • Instant discount at pump
  • Available with EFS, Fleet One, T-Check and Comdata branded cards