Accounts Receivable Factoring

Why Factor Through ECS

  • Extensive experience in the trucking industry
  • Scalable to diverse business structures
  • Personal Account Management
  • Customizable services and plans
  • Competitive rates and customized pricing solutions

England Logistics' ECS Factoring Advantage

  • Provides a Personal Customer Service Agent to attend to all your daily needs
  • Gives access to ECS credit and collections teams to ensure complete visibility
  • Online reports available 24/7
  • Save even more through ECS' programs for Fuel, Tires, and Freight

Factoring Process

  • STEP 1: Complete the delivery of your load
  • STEP 2: Submit your rate confirmation and Bill of Lading to ECS
  • STEP 3: Provide an invoice to ECS or let us create one for you
  • STEP 4: ECS deposits your funds directly to your bank account or ECS Fuel Card

Join ECS

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