Employee Spotlight - Curtis

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The England Logistics team is made up of focused, committed and downright delightful individuals. As one of the nation’s top freight brokerage firms, our success and reputation are due to the unique skills and personalities that each member of our team contributes. To help you get to know the people behind England Logistics, we are highlighting an employee each month and sharing their story.

England Logistics welcomed Curtis to the team in July 2017 as a Full Truckload Capacity Manager (CM) in our Salt Lake City office. Since then, he has built lasting relationships with his team while achieving his career goals. Learn more about Curtis and his experience at England Logistics!


What brought you to England Logistics?

Family and friends. My uncle was the first to join the England Logistics team, then my mom. My stepfather also works here and was the one that referred me. Each of us are in different divisions, so we’re able to work together and help each other out sometimes.


How is England Logistics different than other companies you’ve worked for?

Before joining EL, I taught autistic children. Even though that was rewarding, I wanted a job with no limits where I could work hard and grow through promotions.


What has been your most memorable moment at England Logistics?

When I received my CM 3 promotion. I set this goal right as I began working at EL, and I was able to achieve it within six months. I’m very goal-driven, so I worked hard to reachthat goal. I believe that if you don’t have a goal, you have nothing to work for and can get stuck in the grind. My Logistics Coach, Lance, motivated me as I worked for this promotion.


Which EL core value in COACH Team (Career, Open communication, Accountability, Celebration, Hard work, Team) means the most to you and why?

Team has always stood out to me. You can only get so far by yourself. When you’re in a team setting, your ability to excel is amplified.


How does the 2018 theme “Live Limitless” match your own passions?

I love working hard and breaking records. “Live Limitless” embodies my drive.


Do you have any advice for new or potential EL employees?

Learn from those around you. Going back to team, everyone around you has something good to offer. Watch how they handle situations, both good and bad, and apply it.


What’s your favorite work snack?

I always have a box of microwave popcorn at my desk.


What do you do for fun?

I’m passionate about music. I play piano, compose music and sing. I’ve been inspired by ‘80s music, so most of the music I write is very Journey-esque.


What’s your favorite show to binge watch?

“Supernatural.” They just released the second season on Netflix, so my wife and I have been watching that constantly.


What’s an interesting fact about you?

I played defense on my high school’s soccer team. We made it to the finals and were able to play at Rio Tinto Stadium.


What’s your favorite/dream vacation spot?

I love Labadee, Haiti.


What inspires you?

My wife. She motivates me to work harder.


Employee Spotlight - Curtis

What is your greatest achievement?

Serving a church-affiliated mission for two years in Uruguay.


What keyword or motto do you live by?

Don’t give up.


What’s your favorite training program?

ELevation is probably my favorite. I enjoy the team environment and the general focus they put on excelling together and individually.


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