Break Bulk & Special Projects Engineering

You own the project. We own the details.

In just over a decade, England Logistics has established itself as a major player in the third party logistics (3PL) business. Our Special Projects Engineering team delivers turnkey heavy lift engineering and transportation services for extremely large projects, anywhere in the world. The larger and more complex the transportation challenge the more we welcome the opportunity to take it on. That’s because England Logistics has a unique level of experience, capability and resources, along with a global transportation network, required to coordinate and manage every project detail from conception to completion. And when your cargo, your project, and your reputation are all on the line, it’s reassuring to know we take ownership for every one of those details, large and small.

Turnkey transportation management on a monumental scale

The explosion of global commerce and the emergence of newly industrialized nations have generated a proliferation of projects involving large industrial equipment and materials. Among its many challenges, that evolution brings enormous transportation issues: moving transformers, turbines, and other large structures across oceans, countries, states and cities. To address this global need, England Logistics has established a business unit we call our Special Projects Engineering team. Special projects engineering typically involves a payload so large, heavy or unwieldy it requires highly specialized equipment to lift and transport massive loads. Regardless of the size or weight of the cargo, domestic or international, this highly specialized discipline always requires planning, engineering, route surveying, and other sophisticated engineering and project management techniques in addition to the transportation of the cargo.