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2014 Freight Agent Conference Location Announced: Atlanta, GA


The annual England Logistics Agent Conference provides a fantastic opportunity, for our agent services staff members and independent freight agents, to come together for a weekend of education and fun.  Take advantage of this event to discuss relevant industry issues face-to-face with the people you communicate with regularly but simply don't meet often enough. 

Every year at the agent conference we provide important news about the transportation and logistics industries and cover the many new enhancements we've made to our program since the previous year.  Through a number of educational seminars you will get hands on training from top England Logistics management and agent service staff members.  You will learn how to better utilize the tools available to freight brokers to become a more efficient, effective closer.  You will learn how to overcome current and future industry challenges.  You will learn how to manage the many different activities freight brokers are required to do during a single day and how we provide a support network to help with many of those activities. 

The annual England Logistics Authorized Agent conference is not an event you want to be excluded from.  We are always excited to have familiar faces join us each year as well as meet our new members who join us for the first time.  Each member of our team brings expertise, talent, and energy to the table making it a truly one of a kind event that you can only experience as an England Logistics Authorized Agent.   

Relax, Recharge, Reengage

Each year we select a premier hotel to host our annual conference.  Locations are selected with consideration for our agents comfort and enjoyment.  We go to different states and hotels each time to keep it fresh and exciting for everyone.  We find the format of our conference helps our team members find new ways to approach their daily tasks, meet others engaged in their same career, learn industry best practices, and leave motivated to reach new levels of success with their own agencies.  It is our explicit goal for everyone who attends to feel relaxed, recharged, and ready to reengage as a transportation broker in a whole new way at the conclusion of our conference.

(Images of Hyatt Regence, New Port Beach, CA.  Location of 2013 Conference)

Reserve Your Place at the 2014 Agent Conference

There is only one way to get an invitation to this exclusive event and that is to become a member of the England Logistics freight agent team.  We believe our unique program, modeled around one of the nation's most successful freight brokerage offices, is the right choice for all hard working, dedicated transportation brokers who want to grow their business.  Our focus on service and response provides agents with the attention they need to meet their financial and professional goals. 

To become an England Logistics Authorized Agent please call (866) 476-7012 or email us at

The 2014 freight agent conference will be in Atlanta, GA.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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