ECS Fuel Card Program

England Carrier Services' Fuel program can help your company save money with low transaction fees and discounts on fuel. The ECS Fuel program has one of the largest networks in the country, offering discounts at Love's, Travel Centers of America (TA), and Petro Stopping Centers.

Why Fuel Through ECS

  • Discounted fuel network with Love's, TA and Petro
  • Discount available at over 550 locations
  • ECS Fuel card accepted at all in-network locations
  • Instant discount at pump
  • Available with EFS, Fleet One, and T-Check branded cards

England Logistics' ECS Fuel Advantage

  • Provides a Personal Customer Service Agent to attend to all your fuel needs
  • Gives access to added benefits like maintenance discounts, tire discounts, and low-rate factoring
  • Offers free fuel card loading 24/7
  • Grants lines of credit to qualifying carriers

Quick & Easy to Setup

  • STEP 1: Call 800-848-7810 to speak with an ECS Fuel Account Manager
  • STEP 2: The ECS Account Manager will help set you up with the best card customized to meet the needs of your business
  • STEP 3: Set your personal restrictions and limitations on driver's cards
  • STEP 4: Begin fueling